Laikipia, Kenya


For several years, the owners of Sirai had searched Kenya for the perfect site to build a contemporary East African lodge.

In 2009, a serendipitous meeting with Michael Dyer, a third-generation member of the Kenyan family who established the Borana Conservancy, provided the seed from which the project grew. They became shareholders in the conservancy, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the sustainable conservation of critical habitat and wildlife.

More than 35,000 acres in size, Borana is just 17 miles north of the equator and is at an altitude of around 6,500 feet – which means the weather is warm during the day and cool at night all year round. The high altitude also means the region is malaria free. Working with neighbours and the community, Borana’s mission is to provide a sustainable ecosystem for critically endangered species. It takes a holistic approach to ensure tourism, ranching and other enterprises fund the building of local livelihoods and enhance the ecosystem integrity.

Borna Conservancy


Borana is home to an abundance of wildlife including many critically endangered species, most notably the healthy populations of black and white rhino which are flourishing here, thanks to the security and conservation measures in place.

The Borana Conservation Trust


Conservation is ingrained in the DNA of Sirai House; we feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to contribute to maintaining the wonderful environment we are so privileged to enjoy.


Getting Here

Charter our very own Pilatus private aircraft for a comfortable and speedy trip. The PC12 operates comfortably up to 30,000 feet, putting it above most of the turbulent weather, and cruises at speeds up to 280 knots. Sirai Air can seat up to 8 passengers in sumptuous comfort on reclining leather armchairs. Sirai Air is operated by East African Air Charters and will fly from Nairobi to Borana Airstrip in approximately 35 minutes, this flight is followed by a 20-minute drive to Sirai House through the Borana Conservancy.

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