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Laikipia, Kenya


Nestled within the captivating landscapes of Laikipia, Kenya, the Borana Conservancy stands as a testament to conservation excellence, where rare wildlife flourishes and local communities prosper.

Founded by the visionary Dyer family, custodians of Kenya’s land for three generations, Borana Conservancy encompasses over 35,000 pristine acres, just 17 miles north of the equator. Here, amidst an elevation of approximately 6,500 feet, visitors are greeted by a breath-taking landscape teeming with iconic African wildlife, including the legendary Big Five.

One of Borana’s crowning achievements is its successful conservation efforts for both black and white rhinoceros populations—a rare feat in today’s world. Witnessing these majestic creatures roam freely is a testament to Borana’s unwavering dedication to wildlife protection.

Beyond its conservation initiatives, Borana Conservancy is deeply committed to community empowerment. Through sustainable tourism, responsible ranching, and community-driven projects, Borana ensures that local livelihoods thrive alongside the flourishing wildlife.

As you embark on safari adventures and experience the warm hospitality of Sirai House, you become part of this remarkable journey—a journey of conservation, community resilience, and the enduring legacy of Kenya’s wildlife heritage.

Borna Conservancy


Amidst Borana Conservancy's rich landscape, encounters with iconic wildlife such as lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros (both black and white), leopard, cheetah, reticulated giraffe, Grevy's zebra, and gerenuk are just a glimpse of its vibrant ecosystem. These species, among many others, highlight the conservancy's dedication to preserving Kenya's natural heritage. With over 300 bird species recorded, including rare and endemic varieties, birdwatchers are treated to a captivating display of avian diversity. Borana Conservancy stands as a sanctuary, ensuring a thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

The Borana Conservation Trust


Conservation is ingrained in the DNA of Sirai House; we feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to contribute to maintaining the wonderful environment we are so privileged to enjoy. As one of six shareholders in Borana Conservancy, we collectively fund its operational costs with $1 million annually, ensuring the security and conservation of flora, fauna, and ecosystems. Borana is dedicated to sustainable land and wildlife conservation, prioritizing the enhancement of local livelihoods and ecosystem integrity.


Getting Here

Charter our very own Pilatus private aircraft for a comfortable and speedy trip. The PC12 operates comfortably up to 30,000 feet, putting it above most of the turbulent weather, and cruises at speeds up to 280 knots. Sirai Air can seat up to 8 passengers in sumptuous comfort on reclining leather armchairs. Sirai Air is operated by East African Air Charters and will fly from Nairobi to Borana Airstrip in approximately 35 minutes, this flight is followed by a 20-minute drive to Sirai House through the Borana Conservancy.