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Under the expert guidance of Head Chef Katana, culinary experiences at Sirai Beach are tailored to your individual preferences. Indulge in personalized dishes crafted to satisfy your unique tastes, from exquisite creations to classic favourites. Be sure to savour Chef Katana’s renowned specialties, such as his delectable lobster ravioli with saffron butter or the legendary tuna carpaccio.

With two distinct kitchens at your disposal, you’ll have the best of both worlds. The professional house kitchen is where Chef Katana works his magic, ensuring each dish is a masterpiece of flavour and presentation. Meanwhile, our guest kitchen offers you the freedom to prepare your own snacks and drinks whenever inspiration strikes. Need a refreshing pick-me-up? Simply request a freshly-made juice or smoothie, and we’ll whip it up for you on demand. Your culinary journey at Sirai Beach promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Breakfasts and lunches

Dining Room

Start the day with a delicious, healthy breakfast as the morning sun streams in through the huge open windows. Kept cool by the gentle breeze as it wafts in from the ocean, the dining room is a light and airy space during daylight hours for breakfasts and lunches, and atmospheric at night when set for dinner.

Dinner beneath the stars

Al Fresco

Alternatively, any meal you choose can be served on the al fresco dining terrace, lightly shaded during the day by the boughs of the ancient trees and bathed in the flickering light of scores of candles after dark. The custom-made table has been designed with an ice-trench running along its length, keeping your wine perfectly chilled. We will also serve dinner beneath the stars on the ocean deck, under the canopy of a giant baobab – or anywhere you choose within the grounds.

Cocktail in hand


As the evening approaches, it’s hard to beat the feeling that comes with gazing out across the ocean, cocktail in hand, as the sun dips below the horizon, turning the rippling surface a rosy gold.

Cook with the chef

The Kitchen

In addition to the main professional house kitchen, where guests will find Chef and his team whipping up delicious meals and delicacies, there is a front kitchen which they can use should they wish to fix their own drinks or snacks. Chef is always happy to give cookery lessons to guests wishing to replicate his mouthwatering dishes when they return home.

An exceptional collection

The Wine Cellar

A selection of excellent house wines and champagne, personally chosen by the owners, are served throughout your stay. The Wine Cellar houses an exceptional collection of exquisite wines and champagnes from the world’s most famous estates; these premium wines are available to purchase if you wish to complement the house selection.