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Onsite Activities


Riding Safaris

Experienced riders can delight in exploring Borana from the saddle; an early morning hack, riding out to follow an elephant herd or cantering up to the brow of a hill for sundowners around a fire. For the ultimate riding experience, ask us to prepare an overnight safari with exhilarating, adventurous days on horseback and nights in our luxury campsite where none of the comforts of Sirai are left behind.

Gym, Pool & Tennis Court

Stay Fit

If you wish to maintain your fitness whilst in Kenya, Sirai provides everything that you will need and one or two experiences that you will not find anywhere else. Swim in our 20m infinity pool, make use of our fully-equipped onsite gym, explore the 2km track that loops the estate, run in the open bush accompanied by an accomplished Kenyan marathon runner or enjoy our beautiful clay tennis court.


Game Drives

If you wish to experience a real connection with big game, to hear a male lion’s breath from 30 meters away, to watch a baby elephant snap twigs from the other side of a bush you could reach out and touch, you may do so at your whim day or night. Completely secure within our luxurious custom Land Rovers, our KPSGA-registered guide, Boniface, will share with you his knowledge, his heritage and his love of the abundant wildlife and flora to be found within the Borana and Lewa Conservancies.

Restorative treatments

Relax at The Retreat

After a day of adventure and excitement with friends and family, withdraw into the cool sanctuary or Sirai’s retreat. Lounge in deep stone whirlpools, either in the shaded interior of the retreat or outside in its gardens, in perfect peace and privacy. Immerse yourself in our steam room or in the chilled waters of our plunge pool to energise and invigorate both body and spirit. Indulge in the restorative treatments on offer in our private therapy rooms.


Walking Safaris

Armed with binoculars, you will silently creep behind Boniface as he leads you through the land. Stepping lightly and talking in whispers, the thrill of observing large game on foot will be a memory made in Sirai that will never leave you. Boniface carries two things with him that ensure your safety: many years of experience and a rifle.

Put your feet up


The plush cinema has nine double ‘love’ seats, with a choice of viewing from over 1,000 classic and feature films on DVD or stream a film or series via Netflix on the Apple TV. There is also a local satellite bouquet so you won’t miss sports or news.

warm shawls and chilled drinks

Picnics and Sundowners

Trek down river from the Blue Pools or cross the rope bridge to find a lunch table laid with platters of food on a wooden platform perched amongst the tree-tops. As the sun slowly dips towards the horizon, allow us to escort you to the top of a hill by Land Rover or horse back for unforgettable sundowners. A circle of chairs around a fire awaits you, with warm shawls and chilled drinks and all of Kenya lying beneath you before the setting sun. Sirai is more than a house, it is a standard of excellence and splendour that follows you wherever you venture during your stay.

observe the visiting game

Watering Hole

We have our own permanent watering hole with a hide from where you can observe the visiting game without them knowing you are there.

Nearby Excursions

From your base at Sirai, all of Kenya calls to you with a warm welcome. Take a short drive or a breathtaking helicopter flight to see more of this very special part of the world.

the true wild

Fly Camping

If you yearn for the true wilds of the African bush, let us arrange an overnight camp where the comfort and service found at Sirai makes this an overland adventure without sacrifice of luxury. Let our tents with wooden beds, our campaign-table bar and dinner beneath the African night sky evoke memories of a distant era where attention to detail and quality brought glamour to the wilderness.

The foothills of Mount Kenya

The Blue Pools

At Borana’s southern boundary on the foothills of Mount Kenya, our guides will lead you through the Ngare Ndare forest. This is the corridor used by elephants as they travel from the Lewa Conservancy to higher ground on the mountain. After walking beside the river or across the treetop walkway the trees part to reveal the stunning azure waters of the pools. Swim, climb the waterfalls and leap into the water as sunlight glimmers through the canopy high above.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mount Kenya

“An ethereal mountain…a blue-black tooth of shear rock inlaid with azure glaciers, austere yet floating fairy-like on the near horizon… For hours afterwards I remained spell-bound.” – (mountaineer Felice Benuzzi of Mount Kenya). This UNESCO World Heritage Site is accessible from Sirai by helicopter. Gaze down on its forests, ridges, glaciers and peaks or land beside Lake Alice or Lake Michelson for fly fishing or a picnic at 3,550m.

Great Rift Valley

Suguta Valley & Lake Turkana

Follow in the footsteps of Count Teleki’s 1888 expedition that reached the shores of the lake, now named to honour its reclusive indigenous people. It lies in the Great Rift Valley, created by a jagged fault that tore across the crust of the African continent 20 million years ago, still considered by many to be the birthplace of mankind. On this special part of our earth you will camp beneath magical night skies and see large colonies of Nile crocodiles as well as the myriad species of migratory birds that travel this route.


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