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Safari Adventures

Tailored Thrills

Embark on thrilling safari adventures with our custom 4x4 Land Cruisers, equipped with creature comforts like fridges, USB ports, and reclining leather seats. Led by experienced KPSGA-accredited guides, immerse yourself in unforgettable wildlife encounters, from the majestic Big Five to abundant birdlife. Choose between exhilarating game drives or intimate walking safaris to explore the diverse ecosystems of Borana Conservancy. Tailor your excursions to capture the magic of dawn or dusk, ensuring optimal wildlife sightings and unforgettable memories.


Riding Safaris

Experienced riders can delight in exploring Borana from the saddle; an early morning hack, riding out to canter up to the brow of a hill for sundowners around a fire. Enjoy the unique experience of observing wildlife from horseback. Please note that only experienced and advanced riders are allowed to participate in our horseback riding safaris.

Flying Safaris

Aerial Odyssey

Set against the backdrop of Sirai House's strategic location, Tropic Air's helicopter safaris offer unparalleled adventures. Explore Mount Kenya and beyond, encountering Africa's charismatic wildlife and cultures. Each journey promises new lands, vibrant encounters, and unforgettable experiences guided by Africa's captivating personalities.

Conservation Adventure

Rhino Tracking

Assist Borana Conservancy's dedicated scout team in morning rhino tracking excursions. Witness firsthand the crucial efforts behind rhino conservation and contribute to the preservation of these majestic creatures.

The foothills of Mount Kenya

Blue Pools

At Borana’s southern boundary on the foothills of Mount Kenya, our guides will lead you through the Ngare Ndare forest. This is the corridor used by elephants as they travel from the Lewa Conservancy to higher ground on the mountain. After walking beside the river or across the treetop walkway the trees part to reveal the stunning azure waters of the pools. Swim, climb the waterfalls and leap into the water as sunlight glimmers through the canopy high above.

the true wild

Fly Camping

If you yearn for the true wilds of the African bush, let us arrange an overnight camp where the comfort and service found at Sirai makes this an overland adventure without sacrifice of luxury. Let our tents with wooden beds, our campaign-table bar and dinner beneath the African night sky evoke memories of a distant era where attention to detail and quality brought glamour to the wilderness.

Electric Adventure


Experience the thrill of wildlife encounters and scenic vistas on e-bike safaris. Effortlessly navigate bush or mountain terrain with battery assistance, choosing from half or full-day adventures guided by experienced WILDRIDES experts.

Cultural Revelations

Maasai Traditions & Educational Empowerment

Embark on enriching journeys into Maasai culture, witnessing the intricate artistry of beadwork in nearby villages. Then, support local education through our sponsorship program, providing vital scholarships to children in need, empowering them to shape brighter futures.




Treat yourself to a blissful escape at Sirai House's Spa Retreat, where tranquillity meets luxury amidst the awe-inspiring backdrop of Mount Kenya. Immerse yourself in relaxation with our array of amenities, including a steam room, hot tub, and cold tub, designed to soothe your body and refresh your senses. Step into our treatment room, where skilled therapists await to pamper you with indulgent massages and beauty treatments tailored to your needs. After your treatment, unwind in our serene lounge area, complete with a cosy fireplace, and savour the breathtaking views of Mount Kenya.



Indulge in a haven of wellness at Sirai House. Immerse yourself in our heated 20m infinity pool, where tranquil waters beckon you to unwind and recharge. Step into our fully-equipped onsite gym, overlooking the majestic Borana Conservancy, where every workout becomes a journey of revitalization and strength.

Put your feet up


Step into luxury at our plush cinema, featuring nine double 'love' seats for the ultimate in comfort and intimacy. Choose from a curated selection of over 1,000 classic and feature films on DVD, or stream your favorite films or series via Netflix on the Apple TV. Stay connected to the world with our local satellite bouquet, ensuring you never miss out on sports or news updates while enjoying your cinematic experience.



Sirai House proudly presents its mixed-use asphalt court, featuring a designated area for pickleball alongside a quarter basketball court. Situated against the majestic backdrop of Mount Kenya, this court offers not only exhilarating gameplay but also breathtaking views of one of Africa's most iconic peaks. Whether you're engaging in a spirited game of pickleball or shooting hoops with friends, our court provides the perfect setting to enjoy competitive sports amidst the unparalleled beauty of Kenya's landscape.



Discover serenity amidst the natural beauty of Borana Conservancy at Sirai House's Yoga Retreat. Perched high above the sweeping plains, our open-air shaded room offers panoramic views of the untamed wilderness, creating a tranquil sanctuary for your yoga practice. Equipped with full-length mirrors, Barres, and all the necessary yoga props, our retreat provides the ideal space to deepen your practice and find inner harmony. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, we can also arrange for a qualified instructor to guide you through rejuvenating yoga or invigorating Pilates practices. Immerse yourself in the gentle breeze and soothing sounds of nature as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and wellness amidst the breath-taking vistas of Borana Conservancy.

observe the visiting game


Observe diverse wildlife at our exclusive watering hole. Concealed within our estate, the hide offers tranquil moments to witness Africa's iconic fauna up close, ensuring unforgettable wildlife encounters and cherished memories.

club room

Elevated Leisure

Step into sophistication in our exclusive Club Room, featuring a full-sized Sir William Bentley billiard table for after-dinner entertainment and convivial conversations. Indulge in refined leisure amidst the warmth of a crackling fire, premium drinks from the bar, and friendly competition around our antique snooker table.

Our Library Oasis

Journey Through Time

Immerse yourself in our Library's diverse Africana collection, boasting over 600 books, including beautiful antique first editions. Delve into timeless tales amidst modern comforts, with amenities like Apple TV, a fully-equipped Macbook, high-speed internet, and a Canon 5D Mark IV camera with versatile zoom lenses. Capture the essence of our sanctuary and craft unforgettable moments at your fingertips.

Boules & Croquet

Lawn Games Galore

Embrace classic leisure with our boules pitch and croquet lawn. Engage in the traditional ball game of boules, with equipment readily available in our Club Room. Or, enjoy a refined game of croquet on the lawn, complete with hoops, balls, and mallets at your disposal.

running track

Stride Into Fitness

Unleash your inner athlete on our expansive running track encircling the property. Spanning two kilometers, it caters to fitness enthusiasts seeking an invigorating run or guests opting for a leisurely stroll amidst scenic surroundings.

The Cellar

Epicurean Delights

Nestled at one end of the dining room, our wine cellar boasts over 3,000 meticulously curated fine wines and champagnes. Purpose-designed steel and hardwood racks elegantly display this collection through glass doors. Explore vintages from renowned estates alongside our handpicked 'house' selections, thoughtfully included in your stay.